Colour Impacts Productivity

How Colour Impacts Productivity

There is a clear link between colour in the office and productivity. It greatly influences human emotion and behavior; colour impacts productivity in the work place. Not only can you increase productivity using colour you can also encourage your employees to be more creative.

There is nothing worse than looking at four blank white walls all day. It is enough to drive anyone crazy. White is a drab and boring colour that does not provide much mental stimulation. It can lead to your mind wandering and reduce in productivity due to the lack of simulation provided. Choosing the right colours in the office, is crucial to your employees as poor colour choice could have a detrimental effect on the workers in the office and how much work they actually get done.

Change People’s Perception of Temperature and Space Using Colour

The colour of walls are able to change how a person perceives the temperature. According to studies, warm colors, such as orange, red and yellow can cause people to think the temperature in the room is warmer than it actually is. Cooler colors, such as blue, green and light purple cause people to estimate the temperature is colder.

Employers can use this to their advantage and even save money on heating and cooling costs. For example, if you live in a cold environment, you should paint the entrance a warmer color. This may cause people to think your establishment is a few degrees warmer than actually is. This would allow you to keep the temperature at a slightly lower setting and save money.

It’s common knowledge that the colour of a room can change the perception of the size of the room. The general rule would be that darker colours can make rooms feel smaller and lighter colours make the rooms feel larger.

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