Floor Coverings

Floor coverings have more of an impact on your health than you may think. Whether it be carpet, laminate or wooden flooring, they can all play a vital role in your health in the workplace. An unwashed carpet can result in the build up of harmful dust pollutants that can cause serious psychological problems to your body. Some of the floor coverings we provide have the ability to prevent harmful dust from entering the atmosphere, absorb sound to keep noise at a minimum and can even reflect light to reduce lighting energy costs. We want to make your office space to suite the image of your office space, but we also intend on preserving your health and well-being, and we have the floor coverings that can achieve just that.

DESSO’s Commercial Carpets Range

DESSO Carpet Tiles provide high-quality, innovative carpet tiles that will help transform your office space with beautifully crafted carpet tiles. But what separates DESSO from all other carpet manufacturers is their innovative and unique floor coverings. The DESSO AirMaster, SoundMaster & Light Reflection carpets have a massive impact on your health, allin their own unique way.

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DESSO AirMaster

DESSO’s AirMaster is a highly efficient carpet, being able to prevent harmful dust pollutants/particles from entering the atmosphere. These harmful dust particles when inhaled, can cause serious damage physiological damage to the heart and lungs. We believe it’s important that you shoouldn’t just feel comfortable in your office environment, but also healthy as well. Considering you spend 90% of your day indoors (most office workers) it’s important to take in these health factors when designing your own office space.

DESSO SoundMaster

Sound is one of the most disturbing factors in an office space today. DESSO’s SoundMaster helps eliminate sound within the office by absorbing the sound through their sound insulators. Acoustics are one of the main contributors as to why there maybe a lack of productivity whilst in your office environment. DESSO’s SoundMaster creates improvement of indoor acoustics by up to +0.15 (αw)10)1, which is equivalent to +100% in comparison to other standard carpet designs.

DESSO Light Reflection Master

Light can cost you lots of money. DESSO’s Light Reflection Master reflects more light off a single light source to make your office space brighter. But the Light Reflection Master can also save you money as well. Because the Light Reflection Master reflects sources of light, only using 1 source of artificial light in your office will be enough for the carpet to reflect the light in your surroundings, saving you money on your energy costs. The reflection of natural light is sure to bring you more productivity and a healthier office space.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), although are beautifully crafted floor coverings, also have some health effects that you may need to take notice. Elements in LVT’s such as Plasticizers, Recycling Contaminants etc., impacts effecting your health.  There are certain chemicals in Plasticizers known as Carcinogens that can cause cancer within living tissues. There are also Dioxins that are built up within the manufacturing of vinyl flooring, which can be exposed to anyone when fitted as they can spread up to several hundreds of miles.

Always be aware of how high your recycled content is within your vinyl flooring. The best type of vinyl flooring would be to have 100% virgin vinyl flooring. 100% virgin vinyl is more environmentally friendly and has zero traces of any carcinogens. Virgin vinyl is also more durable and will last longer than other vinyl floor coverings, so you will be also saving money in the long-term. And once you are finished with it, you are guaranteed that when you recycle it you won’t release any harmful contaminants.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles as Floor Coverings

But despite their flaws, Luxury Vinyl Tiles have many benefits. LVT’s can come in numerous shapes, styles and sizes and can have a massive impact on the aesthetic of your office design. LVT’s allow free and open customisation of how you want them to look by choosing a variety of stylistic options to suit your needs. Whether it be wooden, laminate or carpet, vinyl tiles allow you to transform your floor in any direction you want it to be.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are also very easy to clean. Mopped with warm water, they are easily cleanable and don’t take too long. The durability of LVT’s are another great reason to have them furnished in your office space. You will get long-term money back from the carpet tiles as they barely mark or scratch the surface. They can help transform any area of your office to suite your needs.