The workplace can be a very loud place, and attempting to concentrate on your tasks with all that interfering noise in the way can be tough. Acoustics are a vital intangible factor in your office because they can affect your productivity, concentration levels, ability to retain vital information and your all around work quality. Acoustics can hit from all angles. Whether they come from the sound of your printer or monitor, or to the colleagues on your left who just won’t stop talking, they all have an effect on you.

70% of employees believe they would be more productive if they worked in a quieter office environment. These findings, carried out by, are alarming. One of the underlining problems why there are louder acoustics within your office environment is the overall office layout design. Open office spaces are more and more common. These open office spaces require more space, and more space leads to more noise to move around.

Causes of Poor Acoustics in your Office

There are a variety of factors as to why your office may be noisy. First off, you need to take into consideration your office layout and design. Is there too much space unoccupied, or is there not enough space making your office compacted? The demands of the ever-changing working environment are constantly changing with new designs and trends evolving each day. When designing your office space you want it to look as what you envision it to be. But the intangible factors when it comes to designing an office are invisible, but crucial.

Hard Surfaces

One aspect of preventing acoustics affecting your productivity in work is the hard surfaces in some of your furniture and equipment. Bare floor and walls and hard furniture made out of wood and metal cause noise to bounce straight off them. The noise that bounces off these hard surfaces create echoes which prolong the noise of the acoustics in the area. This is mainly because unlike soft surfaces, sound isn’t absorbed when it’s reflected off the surface. A great alternative to bare walls are acoustic panel walls, as they help absorb sound whilst also complementing your office’s aesthetic.

     We provide a range of Acoustic wall panels coming in all types of different colours, designs & functions.

Height of Your Ceiling

The height and depth of the ceiling in your office is another contributing factor as to why you may have poor acoustics in your workplace. The sound gets lost above your head and trapped into ‘dead space’. This means that they have higher reverberation times, meaning they have a longer way to travel before becoming unheard. If you are considering moving into a new office space, consider the height of the ceiling, as a lower ceiling will be much beneficial, but not too low.

Granted, you cannot physically change the height of the office you operate in. But by applying some creative acoustic wall panels on your ceiling, not only will it help you build a creative office space, but also maintain concentration and productivity levels at the correct rate by minimising sound and noise that disturb you.

Multiple Noise Sources

Acoustics in the office can come from a variety of sources. The sound of a paper shredder buzzing or a printer booting up are common annoyances you may encounter on a day-to-day basis. ‘It is easier to habituate to constant noise than variable noise’, (Kjellberg, 1996) and this is common as its human nature. We become stressed or unfocused when we hear a noise we can’t control. If somebody’s phone rings it’s within our nature to answer it, making it hard to ignore. Zhao (2008) believes that if noise is an overriding factor in the office environment, then this can lead poor employee satisfaction, lower morale, increased stress levels etc.

Our Solutions

Ergospaces can supply and fit a wide range of acoustic wall tiles. There are various benefits to acoustic wall tiles in your office including acoustic improvement and aesthetics. We can make your office more personalised and improve your acoustics by working alongside companies such as: Baux; Johanson and Zilenzio to provide you with a variety of acoustic wall tiles, in different textures, colours and sizes. We also offer a free consultation and will work with you to achieve your desired design.

Large open office layouts are demanding more collaborative working spaces between people. But there are ways to maximise collaborative work whilst also keeping the noise in your office to a minimum for the others around you. Have you ever thought of incorporating Acoustic Pods? Acoustic pods are brilliant for holding meetings or escaping from your colleagues to concentrate on personal tasks. The acoustic pods we provide are all multi-functional, but they primarily keep acoustics away once you are inside them.

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We provide a quality range of Sennheiser headsets, all built and designed for different uses. The Sennheiser SC 630 is a particularly great product to use in the office. The SC 630 blocks out background noise from other sources of sound around you. This key for gaining the most out of a professional or casual conversation. Sennheiser’s SC 360 optimises your speech efficiency to the receiver whilst also cancelling out the noise from the office environment.

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Acoustic Screens

Another option would be to put acoustic screens into the office. Acoustic screens can provide you with a way of blocking and absorbing noise in a working office. Additionally to blocking and absorbing noise they also can provide privacy for workers and are known to help increase productivity.

Acoustic screens are also able to aid speech privacy by reducing the amount of noise transmitted. There is a variety of screens available, ranging in size and colour.

We offer a wide range of acoustic screens for your office, for more information on the range available ring 0161 785 8585 or email