Workplace Environment

Google's offices incorporate great ways to benefit their employee's health through Lighting, Biophilics, Prevention of Air Pollutants and many more.

How Are Human Behaviours Shaping The Modern Workplace Environment?

Having the correct office chair or equipment is essential for you to be productive in your office. But there are many more factors that can effect your productivity in the workplace. Taking into consideration environmental factors is not something many employers do. Features of the workplace environment such as Floor coverings, Acoustics, Lighting, Air Quality all contribute to your health and well-being! The workplace environment impacts us in a far more significant way then we think.

The aesthetic and style of your carpet may be what you want it to be! However does it prevent harmful dust from spreading into the atmosphere and causing physiological problems? You may think the lighting in your office is what you want it to be, but does it prevent you from becoming productive and more focused on tasks? These factors are legitimate risks to your health but they can be prevented if you have the correct furniture, carpeting and lighting in your workplace environment. We maintain that your office equipment and furniture must be at a high-quality standard, but also must greatly benefit your health and well-being.