Wellbeing and noise concerns fuel “accelerating” trend – 22/02/19

Wellbeing and noise concerns fuel "accelerating" trend for healthier office furniture

Soundproof pods, saddle-shaped chairs, adjustable-height desks and also wobble boards were in abundance at Stockholm Furniture Fair last week. As privacy and wellbeing also become essential aspects of office furniture design. With increasing noise levels becoming a major issue in open-plan and shared offices, glass-sided pods of all shapes and sizes were also a key trend at the fair. Wellbeing and noise concerns fuel “accelerating” trend for healthier office furniture. We also offer the Hag Capisco, email for a quote.

Bringing a green edge to office design

Many businesses across the UK are moving beyond merely placing recycling bins in kitchens and putting up notices asking people to print fewer documents. They are also trying to find more, as part of their green thinking in the workplace initiatives.

Boring office wellness alternatives that actually work

Many corporate perks claim to improve wellbeing – but often it’s the boring solutions that are the most effective. From free snack bars to fridges stocked with chilled beers, gym memberships and time off for travel.  More businesses are offering corporate wellness perks to attract and retain employees.

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