We Have Added Verco Soft Seating Range to Our Website! 05/07/19

We Have Added Verco Soft Seating Range to Our Website!

We Have Added Verco Soft Seating Range to Our Website! We work with Verco to offer a wide range of soft seating suitable for all your office design needs.

We also offer soft seating from a range of other brands including Offecct,Orangebox and many other brands!

Poor Office Design Continues to Hamper Productivity

Research published by Dell claims to highlight the issues related to office design holding back workers’ productivity and the impact this has on UK businesses. While classic gripes like office temperature and loud colleagues take the top spots, poorly designed or implemented technology is having a negative impact on employees – with a lack of quiet working areas (28 percent), Poor lighting (22 percent) and poor Wi-Fi (22 percent) featuring in the top ten factors UK workers feel impact their office lives.

We can help by providing lighting,quiet places and ergonomics.

Burning the Midnight Oil Has a Stroke Risk!

Clocking an overnighter or sleeping pods at work are not unusual for many people working in the business world in big cities. Sometimes it is seen as a badge of honour. I have two young adult children working for law firms in the City in London who regularly work 16 plus hours a day, sometimes overnight to file a court case. They tell stories of young professionals who want to be seen to be the last one to leave the office at night. High coffee intake and cans of Red Bull accompany these nights of burning the midnight oil. In a high profile case in 2013, a young Merrill Lynch intern died in London from fatigue after a seven-week internship.

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