The rise of ‘presenteeism’ in the workplace – 18/04/19

The rise of 'presenteeism' in the workplace

How many times have you gone in to work when you’re really not up to it? It’s called presenteeism and it’s on the rise. A study by health insurer Vitality has found that more than 40% of employees said their work was being affected by health problems – a figure that’s risen by a third over the last five years.

Is sitting REALLY the new smoking?

Alarming new research claims 70,000 deaths a year are caused by our increasingly sedentary lives – that’s even more than lung cancer

  • Many people spend more than nine hours a day sitting and not just at work
  • Too much sitting can increase risk of serious disease and even death
  • It can affect hormones, metabolism and can kick-start inflammation 

Would life be happier without Google?

People had to get by without the search engine giant before it was launched in 1998. But is it possible to live your life – and do your job – without it these days?

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