The Biggest Germ Hot Spots In Your Office – 22/03/19

The biggest germ hot spots in your office!

Your spend most of your day surrounded by the hidden bacteria in workplace. Hot-desking makes your shared equipment like keyboards even more disgusting. Hygiene Doctor Lisa Ackerley gives top tips on how to avoid more contamination. Where are the biggest germ hot spots in your office?

Mental health first aid at work

What are the benefits to both employers and employees of having trained mental health first aiders at work? The definition of mental health as “a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional wellbeing”, isn’t suggestive of a negative state – and yet the stigma surrounding it is one of weakness and indignity.

Noisy offices affect wellbeing for four in 10 staff

Almost half (44%) of office workers say that noisy working conditions have a negative effect on their wellbeing, significantly affecting productivity and stress levels.

We could provide you a solution! Acoustic pods and acoustic wall tiles may help!


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