Storage Units Don’t Have to Be Ugly – Monkey Business – 07/02/20

Storage Units Don't Have to Be Ugly

Storage units don’t have to be dull grey monoliths pushed to the back of the room and out of sight!

Despite 30 years of the ‘paperless office’ your team may also need to retrieve documents or personal belongings at a moment’s notice. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to have the huge unsightly grey units preventing easy communication

Bisley designed the Be range of integrated storage units so as to blend seamlessly and aesthetically into your workspace. Further more use of a colour palette designed to complement modern décor, means they are innovative, versatile and also space efficient.

Wellbeing Beyond the Workplace

According to the Office for National Statistics, minor illnesses were the most common reason for sickness absences in 2019, responsible for 38.5 million days lost over 2018-2019: one third of sickness absences in 2019. 17.5 million sick days were taken because of mental health conditions – including stress, depression and also anxiety – representing 12.4 per cent of the total sick days reported.

How the Desk Job Could Lead to Permanent Damage to Your Health

Study after study reveals that sitting at a desk, and generally being inactive throughout the day, has a detrimental impact on your heart health, happiness, and also resistance to chronic diseases. DSE assessments advise how to make your workstation more ergonomic. Read on

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