Snacks, slouching and stagnant wages – 22/6/18

Snacks, slouching, stagnant wages: the office is making us miserable

A study about US workplaces, released this week, contained some unappetising news: every time you tuck in the cake Janice for HR baked at home, or you help yourself to the buffet on bagel Fridays, you are in fact consuming calories. Hang on a second? Office snacks contain calories? Who would have thought? Thanks, science!

We can help prevent the slouching and also improve your workplace wellbeing as we offer DSE assessments!

Studio samira boon designs productive workspaces with 3D textile acoustic elements

The designers believe these spaces encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, increasing exposure to different kinds of expertise, accelerating creativity and innovation but to avoid stress and low productivity, sufficient attention has to be paid to acoustics.

David Chipperfield Architects completes office with "hanging gardens" in Seoul

Korean beauty giant Amorepacific’s cube-shaped headquarters, designed by David Chipperfield Architects, is punctuated with voids filled with trees and pools.

Arranged around a central courtyard, three of the building’s facades have large voids that open the building to the surrounding city, and serve as platforms for what the architects describe as “hanging gardens”

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