What does your furniture say about your organisation; to your customers, suppliers or colleagues? Is it yesterday’s colour palette? Even worse, has the upholstery become threadbare, dirty, soiled, or perforated? If yes, maybe we can help! We provide a cost-effective re-upholstery service for your soft seating and office chairs using the finest fabrics from Vescom

With a shift in focus to sustainable design and engineering, the era of disposable consumerism is dead. It is not only financially beneficial up-cycle what you already have, but also beneficial to the environment.

Reasons for Reupholstery

Some reasons to reupholster are: environmental issues/sustainability, cost and changing an outdated fabric to a more aesthetically pleasing fabric.


You may have paid quite a large sum of money for your furniture initially. If it is still in otherwise good condition, then it may be more cost effective to have it reupholstered. Why spend additional money on a entire new item. Especially if you purchased a well manufactured piece of furniture.  


Environmental issues are another reason for reupholstery. Instead of tossing out old and worn furniture, reupholster it to bring new life. Cut down on waste and further resource use. When a piece of furniture is reupholstered, the frame and springs are reused. This means less waste to be put into landfills. Why throw away a perfectly functioning frame because the fabric is worn out? By reusing the frame less items go to landfill. Further to this it also reduces manufacturing 

In addition, fewer trees need to be cut down, and less new steel needs to be made. Fewer natural resources are being consumed, and less pollution is being made. Re-upholstery is a way of recycling furniture into a new piece. There is also less transportation used, which also cuts down on emissions, fuel used, and unnecessary traffic. This also helps slow global warming.

In addition, when you buy new furniture, your money goes towards a massive amount of raw materials from across the globe including tropical hardwoods, production energy and transport costs

Restoration and Style

Restoring a well made piece of furniture is another reason for reupholstery. For many people, they realise their furniture piece is still in great shape except for the fabric. Often an older piece will have quality construction, which has lasted longer than some of their newer pieces. Recently, manufacturers have been forced to cut corners in quality, to cut cost and mass produce. Older furniture was often built with better quality and materials and all together better workmanship. 

The fabric may have also become outdated, dull, stained or damaged. Why not make your piece more personal and modern by adding a splash of colour. Colour schemes in the workplace have changed a great deal in the past 10 years. Bright colour are thought to bring better mood and productivity to the workforce. 

How We Can Help You

Ergomonkey can assess and provide you with a quote for both fabric, and the reupholstery of your furniture. We will collect your in need of TLC furniture and deliver it back to you re-vamped and as good as new!

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