October 12, 2016

Soft Seating and Break Out

Soft Seating and Break Out 

Being uncomfortable at work is a regular occurrence for most employees. We work with companies such as: Offecct, Orangebox, Verco, Connection Nomique, Deadgood and other top manufacturers to help provide you with the very best soft seating and breakout furniture. 

A multi-purpose break out space has the added benefit of being suitable for use during core office hours, additional to lunch time and breaks. Outside of lunch time, the breakout space is used for working. The break out could be used as a workspace for an individual wishing to work in a less formal, more comfortable setting or it could be useful in collaborative team work too! Soft seating and break out furniture has the potential to increase an employees happiness and wellbeing.

In addition to the above uses soft seating and breakout furniture can be used to make a welcoming reception area.


Our Range of Soft Seating and Break Out Furniture: