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Desso Carpet Tiles

Desso provides the very best in carpet and carpet tiles quality. They share the same vision of delivering stylish and high-class carpets to your working office.  We want to provide the most comfortable yet affordable carpets for your convenience. Replacing the floor covering in your workspace with Desso tiles can have a transformational effect, both on physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace.

The added functionality of Desso’s ‘AirMaster’ and ‘SoundMaster’ are not just created for their stunning designs. They also have a postitive impact on your health by enhancing the indoor air and acoustical quality. They have brilliantly contributed to the reduction in workers illness and additionally have enhanced their well-being. This is suitable business and corporate carpeting that can provide you with a modern looking office. There is also a range of vibrant bright colours to liven up your office.

A study suggests that colours can have an effect on your productivity. Read more HERE

Desso AirMaster

When walking across carpets, the friction creates an influx of harmful dust into the air.


How Dust can seriously affect your health

Desso AirMaster isn’t just ‘any other regular carpet’. We want to provide customers with the most efficient carpets for your working office. The last thing you want happening at work is falling ill due to pollen, mould & allergens that is caused by inhaling harmful fine dust. Inhaling this in will cause inflammation to the lungs and cause serious physiological problems.

You spend on average as much as 1880 hours a year (21%) in your work office, so indoor air quality is vital for your health and well-being in work. In 2012 World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that 7 million people have died due to indoor and outdoor air pollution. But Desso’s AirMaster can prevent this all from happening.

How can AirMaster prevent this?

  • Desso AirFilters capture the harmful fine dust.
  • The thicker yarns of the Desso DustCollectors captures the coarser dust.
  • Finally the unique structure of the AirMaster prevents the fine and coarser dust from being released back into the atmosphere.

See image below for more detail

DESSO AirMaster – Suitable Business and Corporate Carpeting