Acoustic Pods

Keep Noise To A Minimum, So Your Work Becomes More Private With Acoustic Pods

Acoustic Pods are beautifully crafted so that you can have private spaces available for those all important conversations. Providing free standing space as well as a phone booth and touch down rooms. We can help you make the most of your space with the acoustic pods. We offer a wide range of acoustic pods from Frem and Orangebox, including the linear phonebooth and linear teambooth by Frem and the air and airea by Orangebox.

Frem Acoustic Pods

Oasis Phone Booth

Privacy can be difficult to find in a modern, open plan office.

The Oasis Linear Phone Booth provides a stylish, flexible, and cost-effective solution. Providing a peaceful environment for phone calls, video conferences and a silent retreat for uninterrupted work, the booth is designed with your office in mind.

Equipped with top of the range acoustically absorbent materials, ambient lighting and an air circulation fan, the space is practical yet comfortable. Unlike other systems the Oasis Linear Phone Booth has no base and stands directly on the floor of your office, making it safe, quick to install and easy to relocate

Features and benefits
  • Size: 1140mm x 1140mm x 2210mm (w,d,h)
    Interior: 1000mm x 1000mm x 2100mm (w,d,h)
  • Twin Phone Booth Size: 2210mm x 1140mm x 2210mm (w,d,h)
  • Right (and left) handed, 10mm toughened glass, hydraulic self-closing hinged door, 300mm t-bar handle
  • LED ceiling light
  • Passive infrared sensor
  • Air circulation fan
  • Acoustic lined panels
  • Silver anodised aluminium frame with rounded corner posts
  • Camira Synergy fabric for interior / exterior
  • Range of optional extras available

Oasis Linear Pod

Space for collaboration or private one-to-ones are always hard to find in a modern, open plan office environment but Oasis Linear Pod is the perfect solution. The Pod comes in Duo and Team size options and is ideal for hot desking, interviews or uninterrupted group work.

Fully enclosed with a full ceiling and a glazed rear wall, the Pod stays light, airy and fresh, yet privacy is all yours. With no compromise on comfort, the Pod includes top of the range acoustically absorbent materials, a LED ceiling light, air circulation and a passive infra-red sensor. As a modular system, Oasis Linear Pod can be adapted to specifically satisfy your needs. It stands directly on the floor, with no base, making it quick to install and easy to relocate. It’s equally at home in an open plan office, breakout area, or reception.



  • Right handed, 10mm toughened glass, hydraulic self-closing hinged door, 300mm t-bar handle
  • Enclosed ceiling with LED panel
  • Passive infra-red sensor
  • Air circulation fan
  • Acoustic lined panels
  • Glazed rear wall
  • Silver anodised aluminium frame with rounded corner posts
  • Camira Synergy fabric for interior / exterior
  • Options include a latch handle door and veneer or laminate exteriors. In addition, technology features such as a 10″ touch screen control interface, multimedia options and power units are also available.
Standard specifications:
  • Duo Size: 2140mmW x  1140mmD x 2250mmH – Interior: 2000mmW x 1000mmW x 2100mmH
  • Small Team Size: 2140mmW x 1500mmD x 2250mmH
    Interior: 2000mmW x 1360mmW x 2100mmH
  • Large Team Size: 2140mmW x 2140mmD x 2250mmH
    Interior: 2000mmW x 2000mmW x 2100mmH

Oasis Team Booth

A room for your every need, the Oasis Linear Team Booth is completely versatile, with uses from small group work to presentations, video conferencing to a break out room or even a space for personal reflection such as meditation or yoga. 

There is space for three or more people. The open-fronted booth is enclosed with a full ceiling for privacy and the option to include glazed panels, back-lit fabric panels, fitted workspaces, high back sofas or even coat hooks for that homely feel. Team Booth can be upgraded to include a louver ceiling. This allows your fire sprinklers to filter through, meaning no additional test requirements are needed.

With further integrated technology features available, the Booth works around you and your requirements.  


  • Size: 2440mmW x 1900mmD x 2250mmH
  • Interior: 2300mmW x 1830mmD x 2100mmH
  • Enclosed ceiling with LED panel
  • Passive infra-red sensor
  • Acoustic lined panels
  • Silver anodised aluminium frame with rounded corner posts
  • Powder coated frame painted black or white
  • Camira Synergy fabric for interior / exterior
  • Optional extras including sofas, tables, coat hooks, and technology options

Orangebox Acoustic Pods

Got a sprinkler system? Not a problem

The Orangebox design team have created a totally unique opening and closing roof system to satisfy the most stringent of Global Building Regulations and Standards in the UK / EU, US and Asia Pacific regions.

The simplicity has been born out of 2 years of painstaking complex engineering, working with some of the smartest fire and building coding consultants in the world to firstly eliminate many options such as misting systems and ceiling mounted fire extinguisher solutions, all of which proved to be either too expensive, totally impractical or just not approved for human occupancy. 


The Air acoustic pod is designed as apart of the global pod system solution, enabling itself to work all over the world, perfect for those important business calls abroad. The unique roof solution and smooth glass design is what makes the Air acoustic pod so visually pleasing. These great features also allow for a greater level of insulation, enabling  you security so that nobody can hear you when inside the pod.

The Air pod comes in a range of differing sizes. The Air 20 mini-pod is the newest addiction to the range and is specifically designed to provide high quality private space. The mini-pod also provides a phone booth for singular personal use.

Product Specification
Standard Product Description
  • Glass: Clear glass.
  • Service Hoop power *3.
  • Fabric options: Europost, Blazer,
    Synergy, Divina.
  • AIR Table Tops: Melamine – Walnut,
    Grained Oak, Artisan Oak, Beech,
    Graphite, Grey and White.
  • Legs: RAL 9006 or Black Leg.
  • Top power options available.
Optional Upcharges
  • Table Legs: Polished, Stone or White
    single leg.
  • Glass: Frosted.
  • Top power options available.
  • Whiteboards.
  • Circulation Fan.
  • Door Lock

This solution offers a truly un-tethered flexible room system, even in sprinkler environments, no need to drop sprinkler heads into the pods anymore.

A soft top for instant fresh air

Orangebox have enhanced the air circulation in the pods by incorporating their internationally patented airflow roof solution. This allows users to control at a flick of a switch, the release of heat build-up and enable greater flow of air inside out and outside in. No need to tether air conditioning into the pods!


The Airea acoustic pod is another product of Orangebox. The Airea pod is one of the best selling acoustic pods having been installed in many countries across the globe. The function of a Airea acoustic pod can range from being a phone booth to a video conference room, also to a general meeting room.

 The Airea provides free standing space for flexible work. Thus, allowing you to work privately and freely. Working in office space with other people talking over one another can become very irritating. With the Airea acoustic pod they will be able to sound-out those distracting background noises so you will be able to concentrate on your work.


4 different Airea products:

Airea 220 jj