Online Desk Screen Equipment Assessment Service – Monkey Business 03/07/20

Online Desk Screen Equipment Assessment Service

We are able to offer an online DSE assessment service. Do you have employees that wish to remain home workers? Online DSE assessments will ensure that their work station is set up correctly.

You’re Sitting Wrong and Your Back Knows It

One of the side effects of working from home full-time, because of the pandemic, is working with a less than ergonomically ideal setup.

Only 13% of UK Working Parents Want to Go Back to ‘The Old Normal’

Whatever the new normal is post Covid-19, we don’t want it to be anything like the old one. At least, when it comes to earning a living. Lockdown has given people a chance to sample new ways of balancing their jobs and family lives and they have concluded that something must change. Just 13% want to go back to pre-pandemic ways of working, with most people saying they would prefer to spend a maximum of three days in the office.