Is Humour The Way To Keep An Office Happy?

The officeIs Humour The Way To Keep An Office Happy?

In workplaces around the world, a bit of humour can go a long way towards making it a more enjoyable place to spend eight or so hours a day

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First Origami Chairs, Now Cardboard Tables!

It’s portable, cheap and convenient. Folding desks were initially designed for students trying to study on the streets of India. What a fantastic idea!

Foldable desks

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Want your people to buy-in to your big ideas? Give them a workplace with higher ceilings!



How are architects using neuroscience to make workers healthier and also more productive?

The ceiling height of an office can influence whether a team is better at figuring out big picture problems or hashing out complex details. Your focus, stress and energy levels are affected by the presence of green and blue in the office.

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