August 16, 2016

Our Solutions

Our solutionsOur solutions

Take a look at our solutions. We offer various options and solutions for space management. In recent years there has been a huge change in the work place and the type of environment employees want to work in, and this is in the large part driven by technology.

Offices are becoming furnished more like a home than a workplace. People also want versatile space to enable them to work alone or together in groups. There are so many options to consider; acoustic pods for meetings, soft seating, formal conference tables, work benches, and even lounge rooms.

Most workers now have a laptop and/or tablet so they can move freely around and work wirelessly in different spaces.

Height Adjustable Workstations

Many offices are now equipped with height- adjustable workstations. Consequently the user has the option to sit or stand whilst working. Standing at the desk is becoming more and more popular; encouraging workers to move, and vary their posture throughout the day can reap huge rewards for both the individual and employer. Prolonged periods of sitting have adverse health effects such as back problems, obesity, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and it can even increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. Even small amounts of movement throughout the day can have transformational effects on your vitality and also your sense of wellbeing. You could try the Quickstand Lite

Typically we each spend around 37 hours a week at work.  The workplace environment has a huge impact on productivity and effectiveness. If employees are not comfortable at work they can be easily distracted and irritable.

With careful use of colour, plus consideration of acoustics and textures, employees feel more relaxed, less stressed and engaged, and in turn are more loyal, productive and effective.

Companies may be very different from each other, but the way in which they work is universal. Through research, we have identified five universal “ways of working” that people consistently use on a day-to-day basis. For each way-of-working we have created a space that best supports it. These spaces should be present in every office. By recognising what kind of work happens where, we can tailor the configuration, furniture, and mood to support that room’s work.

The Lounge