August 12, 2016

Future Workplace

Future Workplace

Future Workplace observers may look back at 2014 as a turning point: the time when the global recession ended and businesses put plans in place for a new wave of growth. But as this growth begins, companies are finding  that they are dealing with a workforce with different demographics, different demands and different expectations.

Below see 14 design tricks for a productive workplace by Business Insider

Attraction & Retention – Future Workplace

There is a global war being waged for talent. Talent that is more mobile, highly connected and diverse than ever before. In Europe 40 million workers will retire within ten years. Additionally only 25 million young workers will enter the workforce. Take a look at the 5 best and 5 worst companies to work for Here.

How to Maximise Collaboration – Future workplace

“80% of innovation comes from people working together “Source:  Inside Innovation, Business Week.

Working together gives you an access to diversity of experience and skills, getting to ideas faster, builds momentum and also it means employees stay competitive. One way you can create a collaborative work space by having soft seating in the office.

What are your organisations most pressing talent concerns today?

  • 38% Developing leaders & succession planning
  • 37% Retraining employees
  • 35% Training
  • 41% Competing for talent
  • 34% Creating career paths

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