August 13, 2016

Task Chairs

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Task Chairs

Here at Ergomonkey we offer a range of different task chairs to accommodate your individual needs. Have a look at our ergonomic seating range by Manufacturers: HAG, RH, Orangebox,  Hoganas, Nomique, Pledge, Humanscale and Elite. Check out our information on How To Sit 

Task Chairs by HÅG


If you’re into innovation, HÅG Capisco could be the office chair for you. This task chair is so well suited to work surfaces at different heights or to height-adjustable desks. In a HÅG Capisco, you can sit equally comfortably facing forward or turned to the side thus allowing you a broad. This chair has received a number of awards for its unique qualities and characteristic design reach.

The saddle seat can be adjusted between low and high working positions. As a consequence this enables you to be more dynamic in your movements while still sitting in a balanced position. Tilt resistance is adjustable and lockable.

  • Back height: 460 mm (N/A for 8105)
  • Chair width: 595 mm
  • Foot base diameter: Ø730 mm
  • Seat depth: 340-420 mm
  • Seat height: 408-540 mm
  • Width of seat: 470 mm
  • A wide range of fabrics to choose from: including Camira fame -leather available at additional cost
Optional extras

Add a foot ring to your capisco!

There are 5 configurations of the HÅG Capisco 

Capisco 8105
Capisco 8106
HÅG Capisco 8107, Remix 1662, Red, Black footbase, Headrest
Capisco 8107
Capisco 8126
Capisco 8127

Capisco Puls

HÅG Capisco Puls is based on the legendary saddle-seat chair. Starting point is an in-depth understanding of the body and our need for constant motion. The result: a new office chair specially developed for people like you who work in active, modern office environments. HÅG Capisco Puls is a modern and flexible office chair.

It’s a winner in terms of design and the environment, and its light and dynamic design makes it perfect for a new generation of users. The HÅG Capisco Puls is a plastic chair with a seat and backrest. Its seat also has an integrated cushion for improved comfort. The saddle seat can be adjusted between low and high working positions. As a consequence this enables you to be more dynamic in your movements while still sitting in a balanced position. Tilt resistance is adjustable and lockable. The seat and backrest are available in eight different colours. Finally, it is available in light grey, black, white, red, sea green, petroleum, pink and clay.

  • Back height: 400 mm (N/A for 8001 & 8002)
  • Chair width: 565 mm
  • Foot base diameter: Ø730 mm
  • Seat depth: 400 – 470 mm
  • Height: of seat 402 – 536 mm
  • Seat width: 460 mm
  • A wide range of fabrics to choose from for cushions: including Camira fame
  • 8 colours of plastic to chose from
Optional extras

Additionally you can add a foot ring to your Capisco Puls

HÅG Capisco Puls 8001
Capisco Puls 8001
HÅG Capisco Puls 8002
Capisco Puls 8002
Capisco Puls 8010
Capisco Puls 8020

Sofi Chair

The HÅG SoFi is the ultimate task chair. It is visually warm and welcoming, it hides the fact that it’s packed full of smart functionality.

Sofi is designed to create a neat impression, its complete user-friendliness makes it ideal for both your own desk, and multi-user working environments. It’s easy to adjust and continuously energizes you.

Optional extras

Available with HÅG SlideBack™ armrests which allow you to move closer to your desk

The optional headrest provides support and rest for your shoulders, neck and head.

Various range of fabrics 


HÅG SoFi 7200 Silver base
SoFi 7200
Sofi 7300
SoFi 7300
SoFi 7500 / Mesh

SoFi Mesh

Our new HÅG SoFi model with a mesh back incorporates market-leading technologies, and beautiful aesthetics, to provide a seating solution that offers great design, supreme comfort and endless flexibility.  Designed to help energise the user, the HÅG SoFi mesh helps improve focus and general well-being.

All our chairs are designed to ensure movement; without people having to think about it. As a consequence, this means one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on what really matters. This is available with or without arms. It is also available in various different colour options.


Key words describing HÅG H04 are balance, freedom and movement. Balance because it provides the best starting point for any movement, freedom of movement because it permits unrestricted movement, allowing you to focus on your work.  With a traditional but simultaneously up-to-date visual design, the chair is perfect for all businesses and offices, large or small. This chair is available with various different backrest heights.

The foot base is available in two colours: black or silver. Castors can be ordered to suit the type of floor: hard castors for soft flooring and soft castors for hard floors. Height and width-adjustable armrests, headrest, polished foot base and 200 mm gaslift available as optional extras.



The HÅG H05 office chair is not only the perfect seating solution for achieving movement and variation – it is also brilliantly simple, all you need is a lever and a handle to make the necessary adjustments.

The foot base is available in two colours: black or silver. Castors can be ordered to suit the type of floor: hard castors for soft flooring and soft castors for hard floors. Height and width-adjustable armrests, headrest, polished foot base and 200 mm gaslift available as optional extras.


With the HÅG Futu office chair you get the best of two worlds, with its advanced inner design based on HÅG’s new HÅG inBalance technology and with its pure, cohesive lines, the HÅG Futu is more an item of furniture than an office chair.

It is simple to use and equally well suited to large open-plan offices and small individual offices. While being fully functional, the HÅG Futu is nonetheless free from protruding and dominating levers and handles that would spoil the visual impact.

In addition to the Norwegian Design Council’s Award for Design Excellence, the HÅG Futu has also received the Council’s Sustainability Design Award, the criteria for which include the development of a product or solution offering significant environmental characteristics from a lifecycle perspective.




HÅG Executive is more than an office chair. It represents a philosophy. HÅG Executive has been developed with your stringent demands on visual design and ergonomics in mind. For this reason, the designer has identified a varied spectrum of styles, materials and colours from the most modern and exclusive of palettes.

See the world with new eyes. In a chair that creates your own personal space – freeing your body and soul.The HÅG Executive Collection is now available in attractive new Black-Black versions.

It is available with or without a head rest. Additionally there is option to have it with or without adjustable arms.

Task Chairs by Humanscale

Humanscale Liberty

Liberty. – The Liberty Task chair is an intelligent mesh task chair engineered to provide automatic lumbar support for every user. Also offering simplicity and complete ease of use.

Liberty was designed to offer a unique and minimal aesthetic design. It provides custom comfort for every person who sits in it. Like Humanscale’s Different World chair, Liberty uses Humanscale’s revolutionary Form-Sensing Mesh Technology and mechanism-free reclines for perfect support and unprecedented comfort.

Finally iberty’s intelligent mechanism-free recline uses the laws of physics and the sitter’s weight to automatically provide the perfect amount of support through the full range of recline. Without manual controls to adjust, the user can change postures effortlessly throughout the day.

Humanscale Freedom Headrest

Humanscale Freedom Headrest. – . The Freedom chair redefines the concept of traditional task chairs. Designer Niels Diffrient aimed to design an office chair that automatically adapts to the user. This would allow them to move freely from posture to posture.

With innovative recline with constant support and a pivoting backrest. This automatically adjusts to the needs of the spine. The Freedom chair is exceptionally comfortable and promotes movement throughout the day. Furthermore it has refined and sculpted cushions that consequently mimic the body’s natural contours and decrease pressure point loads for premium comfort. The Freedom chair features a dynamic, articulating headrest to support the head and neck as users recline. Finally it moves with the sitter.

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair. – Diffrient World is Humanscale’s first foray into all-mesh task seating. Designer Niels Diffrient wanted to create the most minimal, fully-functioning task chairs ever made. With a mesh backrest that provides custom back and lumbar support and a lightweight design. Diffrient World is, simple, beautiful and also functional. The design eliminates the need for traditional mechanisms. Instead using the laws of physics and the sitter’s body weight to offer perfect recline for each individual sitter. Furthermore Diffrient World offers the ultimate user-friendly sitting experience.

A truly lightweight chair, Diffrient World replaces the standard cushion seat with a low-abrasion, non-stretch mesh. To maximise comfort, Diffrient eliminated the front edge of the chair. Thus solving a perennial problem of hard edges placing pressure on the knees. Therefore contact stress behind the thighs is minimised,  as a consequence allowing long-term comfort and total supports for every sitter.

Task Chairs by RH

RH Mereo

RH Mereo is a task chair which is also a work tool and a business tool. Also crafted to improve your performance as well as the performance of the whole workplace. It is easily fitted for everyone, whatever your physical assets. This makes it a one-person chair as well as a chair for the landscaped office. The 2PP™ dynamics bring active sitting to one and to all. An easy adjustment is all it takes.

Fusing innovation, functionality, usability and design impact. This makes it a one-person chair as well as a chair for the landscaped office. The Mereo is available with or without a headrest and is also available in a wide range of upholstery.


RH Activ

RH Activ follows your slightest body movement – comfortably as well as ergonomically. The unique movements encourage core muscle activity, essentially benefiting the user with increased alertness and wellbeing. Furthermore, the Activ’s simplicity and ease of use makes it the preferred product for most office set-ups, including desk sharing.

The Activ can also be specified as a clean-room or ESD chair, which opens up a myriad of possibilities for this truly unique product. The fact that it is also among the very best of environmentally sound chairs available makes this an even more compelling proposal.

RH Extend

Elegant, ergonomic and easy to use. The chair is equipped with a control that makes it easy to choose exactly the right sitting position. Something that makes it the perfect choice for an environment where hot desking is normal and many different people use it at different times.

RH Extend is ideally suitable to all types of office environments. The backrest is available in two different sizes. There is an option of a head rest. It also has a tilt mechanism and backrest that can be adjusted separately. It is a uniquely adjustable and user-friendly chair.

Logic 300/400

The RH Logic 300 (right) is one of RH’s most popular office chairs. This  enables you to do more and perform better. The RH Logic 300 suits different people and work situations with a wide range of different fabrics and options, such as extra large seat and control room design. Also available in an ESD-approved version.

RH Logic 400 (left) has a high backand is also based on 2PP™, our philosophy on active sitting. This enables you to do more and perform better. The RH Logic 400/300 suits different people and work situations with a wide range of different fabrics and options, such as extra large seat and control room design. Also available in an ESD-approved version.

 Task Chairs by Okamura


In Okamura philosophy, comfort and design does not contradict but interconnect. Sabrina is another representation of this. Holding the body and following the body movement both during sitting experience – made possible with one simple part, a symbolic ring structure. You can see this iconic ring structure not just in rear view but from front view through permeable mesh back for which you have ample color variation to choose from. Welcome to the Sabrina, world of the beautiful marriage between state-of-the-art technology and a world-renowned design.

Correct posture supporting chair helps promote one’s work, just as good-fitting clothes make one feel comfortable. The functions include a forward-tilting seat.


As its name suggests, the Contessa is designed to be sophisticated and elegant. This stylish chair is extraordinarily comfortable due to its soft mesh and “smart operation” ergonomics which respond and adapt to your posture. The Contessa is also available in a variety of vibrant colors to suit any work environment.

The Contessa is also available with or without a head rest. There is also an option for adjustable arms or fixed arms. In addition the Contessa by Okamura has an adjustable lumber support. This can allow for a better posture.


To accommodate different body types, we developed a unique and easily adjustable seat curve that supports a wide range of back sizes. The back curve adjustment helps Sylphy achieve personalized seating comfort for the whole office.

The quick and easy recline adjustment knob allows you to precisely control recline resistance. The recline and tilt lock dial allows you to lock Sylphy in recline of up to 23° or forward tilt 10°.  Available with with different size back rests. Also available with or without arms.


Okamura CP is a cutting-edge ergonomic chair developed in collaboration with the world-renowned Italian design firm Giugiaro Design. Okamura CP blends the world’s most advanced seating technology with extraordinarily simple design to reinvigorate any office space. It is available in a choice of 12 mesh colors.

Also available with or without a head rest.  There is the option to have either a high back on this chair or a low back. Furthermore CP has an adjustable lumber support. This can also allow for a better posture.


Attention goes into every stitch, every detail, every fit, and every finish. Not only does it fit as comfortably as bespoke tailored suiting, the cloth on the back rest and seat have also been applied to ensure there are no gaps, divides, or creases.

Every bit of technology at our disposal has gone into the design and comfort of Plimode. Our advanced resin molding techniques have produced arm rests with a modern, streamlined curve. The reclining mechanism has been simplified into a clean, modern, minimalist design. Under the seat, you’ll find a compact control cluster. Technology and ingenuity woven together in unprecedented quality. There are various options available. The seat distributes body weight evenly. Therefore reducing pressure points and improves blood circulation for healthy sitting and superior comfort.


It is no secret that changing our posture throughout the day is essential to our wellbeing in the office. What’s more, adapting a posture that is appropriate for the task at hand helps relieve stress placed upon the body. Okamura recommends five postures for increased office productivity and efficiency.

Among them is the perching posture, a perfect combination of standing and sitting, which is suitable for a standing meeting or touchdown tasks. The Perfect Combination of Sitting and Standing – a New Style of Work Posture

 Task Chairs by Officeline

 Officeline  Höganäs+

Officeline Höganäs+. – Firstly with meticulous attention to detail and almost endless possibilities Höganäs+ is one of Officeline’s best and most ‘personal’ chairs. Höganäs+ is also available with over 20’000 variations Höganäs+ can be precisely customised to suit your needs and preferences.

Höganäs+ is also available with a choice of eight different back rests. There are four different seat types and gas cylinders in three different height intervals. Additionally it is available with different types of neck rests and also various other accessories.

Please note there are many different versions of the Höganäs+.  The image is of a +381 so for more information please contact us.

Officeline Surf Freefloat

Officeline Surf Freefloat. : Firstly the Free-float mechanism makes this task chair able to adapts to an individual’s support needs whilst sitting. Freefloat enables both the seat and back to move independently of one another, whilst both being separately lockable. This therefore enables you the lock the back while the seat continues to follow your movements and vice versa. In addition to the Freefloat mechanism Surf Freefloat has an anti-shock feature too.

Task Chairs by Orangebox:


Spiraplus. – Spira+ are task chairs with more adjustment features than most for organisations seeking to get maximum functionality at a sensible price.

It gas supported training and unique features such as pelvic as well as lumbar variable air support, independent back angle recline and ergonomic low profile base.

Options include a smaller seat and gas lift for users under 5 foot, extra quilt wrap on the seat and 4d armrests and there is also a training video to help promote best use.


FLO. – Flo is designed for maximum fit with minimum fuss and uncomplicated set up.  The chair is ideal to use at shared workstations.

The Flo outperforms some of the other chairs in our task chair range for user that are small and taller users. This is a result of the new contouring on the seat. Also with a new flat ergonomic base and extended gas lift. Flo allows the widest range of users to work more productively.

Task Chairs by Interstuhl


EVERYis1 offers no compromise neither in design nor functionality. The black or white backrest, with its clear line, is covered with a light and breathable mesh that contributes to excellent ergonomics features. Welcome to the world of flexibility in task chairs for the office of tomorrow!

It adapts to the user without demanding customisation. EVERYis1 is  simple in the best sense. The tension of the backrest adjusts automatically to different body weights, thanks to its newly developed autolift synchronous mechanism. Hence, sitting is weightless. This is all done easily – without any effort – but with the option to limit the backrest tilt to three positions. Therefore, EVERYIS1 is equipped with a minimum number of levers and buttons.


Good design starts where you can feel it. The MOVYIS3 product range takes the combination of design and aesthetics with form and function to a completely new level. Light, dynamic, unique: MOVYIS3 stands for weightless appearance, transparency and aesthetic highlights that will refine your work and living space. Make the extraordinary a staple item of your office furniture. Set a standard-simply by sitting.

Good design begins where your whole body becomes aware of it: the MOVYIS3 product range combines design and aesthetics with form and function on a completely new level. Light, dynamic and distinctive; MOVYIS3 stands for visible weightlessness, transparency and an emphasis on aesthetics that enhances your workplace and living space. Finally give the extraordinary a permanent place among your office furniture.


Hero is a collection of heroes, automatically aligned for everyone. Heavy, light, big and small people. By and large, a universal talent for everyday heroes. It has invisible technology which is an integral feature of the chair.

Hero focuses on each owner individually, regulating its weight, as a result of its unique autofit-synchronous mechanism. From approx. 45-120 kg, everyone can fine-tune it how they want. From athletically hard to relaxingly soft, everyone’s personal taste is catered for. As perceptive as Hero seems, it is present in its slim-line form. It looks agile and additionally athletic with its slim-line figure.


Optically, Champ is a slim, distinct, androgynous type. Its upholstery segments accentuate its design and identify the different backrest heights at the same time. Champ is a new product concept with new technology for an extraordinary feeling when sitting – the “Bodyfloat”.

When you sit down, the seat floats down and also moves backwards. This innovative connection of the backrest makes it possible to achieve an unequalled and delicate aesthetic also lightness of the mechanical block. People with formal demands will look at office swivel chairs in a whole new light and be able to feel the uniqueness of Body-Float.


The synthesis of lightness: Two innovations.A new sense of lightness. The new, transparent membrane consti tutes the evolution of the mesh back. It allows AirPad to float lightly in space and enhances modern, reductionist architecture. The body is kept at an ideal temperature through a high degree of moisture exchange, which prevents the build-up of heat.

The membrane in these task chairs ensure excellent freedom of movement and provides support through fine, flexible AirPads. The Body-Float synchromechanism presents an amazing, unique body float sitting experience. Taking a seat in AirPad means gently falling back into an automatically adjusted, ideally balanced sitting position. To feel one with the chair and the environment, to get down to work and remain fresh.

Find out more about the Task Chairs we have available. Talk to one of our ergonomic specialists now on 0161 785 8585

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