August 12, 2016

DSE Assessment Service


What is our DSE Assessment Service?

Our DSE Assessment service allows us to provide you with assessments on your workstation. DSE stands for Display Screen Equipment. DSE are devices or equipment that have an alphanumeric or graphic display screen. Your workstations that have devices such as display screens (e.g. where laptops and also monitors are located) are assessed. Desk Screen Equipment assessments are a legal requirement. Therefore every 2 years you should schedule an assessment. Furthermore, if you have a change in work role, which involves a change of desk, this is also a requirement.

Why Is It So Important?

It is widely accepted that the main risks associated with working with display screen equipment (DSE) are musculoskeletal upper limb disorders, this includes back pain, and upper limb disorders, fatigue and also stress. Generally, the risks to individual users are quite low in the short term; however, they can become significant in the long term if best practice is not followed.

Legislation and the law

The piece of legislation covering display screen equipment is the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, as amended by the Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002. These regulations came into force in 1993 with the intention to implement the European directive on the minimum requirements for work with display screen equipment. A DSE assessment must be completed every 2 years.

These Regulations only apply to employers whose workers regularly use DSE as a significant part of their normal work (daily, for continuous periods of an hour or more). These workers are known as DSE users.

These Regulations do not apply to workers who use DSE infrequently or for short periods of time.

Health Impacts

A poorly set up workstation could have a bad effect on your health. So from an employer’s perspective, as a consequence of this, it will lead to increased sickness rates, lower productivity and also effectiveness.

An example of this would be your screen is too far away on the desk to view comfortably. Another example is a keyboard being too close.

Some examples of the potential health implications include: eyestrain; migraines and also back pains.


Eye strain


Back pains

Our DSE Assessment Service

Our nationwide team of friendly, ergonomic specialists can come to your work place to talk to you and also assess your workstation in relation to the tasks you undertake. We will guide you to solutions to enable you to maintain a comfortable workstation. Most of all we guarantee our DSE Assessment service will aid in increasing your comfort and vitality!

For employers, we guarantee to help you comply with all aspects of DSE legislation, and provide equipment and a DSE Assessment Service that will make your team more engaged, dynamic and also effective!

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Our Guarantee

We honestly believe that we provide the best DSE workstation assessment service available, and have total confidence in our ability to identify problems and come up with effective solutions.

If you engage with us to perform your workstation assessments and also provide the recommended solution/ equipment, we guarantee that you’ll be delighted with the outcome. If you’re not, we’ll take the equipment back and credit the cost.

Please ask our Sales Admin Team for full details of our satisfaction guarantee by calling on 0161 785 8585

What Else Can we do to Help?

We offer a wide range of products to improve your ergonomic workstations. We offer height adjustable desking and also ergonomic task chairs.