Equipment to Help You Work Comfortably and Safely at Home – Monkey Business 03/04/2020

Equipment to Help You Work Comfortably and Safely at Home

We can provide you with equipment to help you work comfortably and safely at home. Everyone who can work from home should do so under government recommendations. That creates practical issues for employers and employees, but workers should be given clear guidance as to what that means for them.

An employer is responsible for equipment they supply, and must say what it should be used for. Read on.

Get your equipment here. We are here to provide you quality products in a timely manner.

Ready for a Clean Start?

Would you like your work surfaces and equipment disinfected before your return? Ergomonkey can offer a fumigation service.

Some Tips For Your Mental Health While Working From Home

Have regular breaks and change the scene if you can. Check in with friends, have good food in.

Have a routine. It can be really lonely and a procrastinating dream – housework can seem really interesting at times. Get some exercise – get out first thing for a walk, as you may get consumed by the day. Set up an office space if you can, rather than just working at the kitchen table.

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