Dune; a Dynamic Design – Monkey Business – 1/11/19

Low Back fixed or swivel

Dune; a Dynamic Design

Dune offers an exciting new response to the constantly changing needs of our work places and public spaces. It has been developed for the spheres where the need for informal meetings intersects with the demand for relaxed seating.

How to Stop a Toxic Workplace Culture Before It Starts

It’s not on women to turn around toxic workplaces. Healthy culture requires a collective effort. That means it’s everyone’s responsibility, but setting a company’s cultural tone falls especially to those who have power and influence within a given organisation.

How to Help Your Employees Who Suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder

Lucy was a 49-year-old senior manager who found herself “out of it” at work. She couldn’t understand why she kept missing deadlines and why she felt so “blah” about everything. She felt guilty about her drop in productivity. But because Lucy had always been a top performer, her manager, Jack, noticed that something was wrong.

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