COVID-19 Related Services

Work Safely Through COVID-19

COVID-19 Related Services

With the current situation with COVID-19, we are here to help you and your employees get back to work safely. Our team has been working hard to provide you with a guide to getting employees back to work. 

Back to Work Guide

We can help you safely get back to work. Take a look at our guide

We can offer a range of products, methods and services to keep you safe.  

Here are some examples: 

Floor Markings/Stickers 


Face Visors

  • Protective screens
  • Hand sanitiser stations
  • Homeworker furniture 
  • Redistribution of furniture from normal place of work to home workers
  • Fumigation of premise 

Still Working from Home?

Covid-19 has forced many people, who wouldn’t usually, to work from home. Did you know that the same DSE rules that apply in the office also apply to home workers? Here at Ergomonkey we are able to provide an online DSE assessment service and the home and agile working equipment you need.

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Directional Carpet Tiles

One way systems are being put in place in various buildings, this is a good way to control movement within the building and keep people safe. It helps to avoid build up of people and guide employees to maintain social distancing.  The tiles are designed to be dropped into existing carpet installations.

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Directional Floor Stickers

Stickers to help put in place directional movement and allow people to social distance

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Sneeze Guards

Protect your employees on reception and front of house by using sneeze guards. There are a wide range of sneeze guards available. Make your employees feel safe! 

Mobile sneeze Guards

Due to the current situation the way we interact is demanding change to encourage social distancing with the majority of us embracing working from home and a higher importance on maintaining safe hygienic spaces. However, the question remains of how to make the workplace a safe, yet inviting place to re-introduce employees to.

Glazed Sneeze Guards

We offer a range of glazed screens to help separate working areas, acting as sneeze guards to shield against droplets without the feeling of being boxed in. These can be easily maintained and wiped clean with usual disinfectant

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Hand Sanitiser Units

We can supply and deliver hand sanitiser stations to your workplace. It is important that employees can access places to sanitise their hands to reduce the spread of the virus and also make people feel safe.

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Home worker furniture

We can supply and deliver a range of furniture and home working equipment, to ensure that your employees are working ergonomically and will not suffer in the long term from issues like lumbago and RSI.

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Fumigation also available

Redistribution of furniture to homeworkers

We understand employees needs are changing and as employers you need to find ways to adapt to this during COVID. To help you adapt we can redistribute existing furniture to your employees homes. We also offer a fumigation service to give you piece of mind.

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