Capsule; Cosy & Contemporary – 04/10/19

Capsule; Cosy & Contemporary

Capsule; Cosy & Contemporary. Capsule is part of Deadgood’s soft seating collection. We can help you create beautiful workspaces with comfy and also stylish furniture to inspire your team! The products can feature a contrasting run of colour tones also.

Nature, is the Key to Increase Well-being and Creativity in Work Spaces

Building a space in harmony with nature, which promotes well-being and brings value, is essential for any company that wants to improve the performance, inspiration and productivity of its workers. In fact, the Human Spaces research report on the Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Interface Workplace states that productivity and creativity levels increase by 6% and 13%, respectively, in environments that incorporate natural elements.

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Is Flexible Working Right For You?

There’s a stereotype that flexible workers sit at home all day in their pants not really doing much,” says Emma Gannon, 29, who, as the bestselling author of a book on the topic, as well as host and creator of a hugely successful podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete, is pretty much the poster girl for flexible working. But, the woman whose work schedule includes broadcasting, writing and charity work, who is always fashionably turned out in trademark black glasses and red lips, says: “For me, the opposite is true. At times I’m the busiest I’ve ever been.”

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