Best air purifying office plants! – 08/06/18

Clear the air: the best air-purifying office plants for boosting productivity in work spaces

In addition to psychological benefits, adding some greenery brings the air-purifying properties of plants to the office.

We offer Desso AirMaster carpeting and a range of other air filtration solutions for your office

Designers clean up polluted air with wet wipes and trainers at Somerset House!

Toxic emissions, caused by traffic and factories, are linked to 40,000 deaths a year in the UK. Makerversity, a co-working and making space for creatives, set about challenging designers to come up with concepts that could tackle the air pollution crisis that plagues the capital city.

How toxic is your bedroom? It’s no safe haven and is full of dangers you’ve NEVER even thought of

Studies suggest we spend around 36 per cent of our lives inside our bedrooms. But could our safe havens be harming our health without us even knowing? Experts say that harmful chemicals and microbes fill our rooms while we sleep pollution crisis that plagues the capital city.

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