Attention all laptop users! 03/08/18

Attention all laptop users!

Do you use a laptop at your workstation? It is likely you have it set up incorrectly. An incorrect set up may lead to health issues too.

We can help by providing an accessory bundle that will make your workstation more user friendly.

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We can also provide you with DSE assessments.

Bundle 1 provides you with: a laptop riser; mini keyboard and a mouse for £65 + £6.95 delivery + V.A.T

Bundle 2 provides you with: a laptop riser; laptop case; mini keyboard and a mouse for £65 + £6.95 delivery + V.A.T

Your coworker with the annoying sit-stand desk may be onto something.

To sit or stand? It’s the great debate of modern office drones. A new, yearlong study about the ergonomics of work suggests you might want to do both. In the study, people report feeling physically better, more active, and more productive after using sit/stand desks.

Can Good Ergonomics Attract Talent and Boost Bottom Line at Same Time?

If a candidate is choosing between a few jobs and one has a workplace that has been designed for employees’ well-being, ie. good ergonomics, they will likely choose that job!

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