Acoustic wall tiles could be the next big thing! – 20/07/18

Acoustic wall tiles could be the next biggest thing!

There are various benefits to acoustic wall tiles in your office including acoustic improvement and aesthetics. We can make your office more personalised and improve your acoustics by working alongside companies such as: Baux; Johanson and Zilenzio to provide you with a variety of acoustic wall tiles, in different textures, colours and sizes.

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Does workplace design really matter?

Every day employees at Google’s 8th Avenue HQ are being subtly manipulated by workplace design. Permanent desks don’t exist and its lifts are seemingly slower, both of which force staff to move around more.

Design for dementia

Understanding the problems posed by ageing, both with and without dementia, is vital to help older people feel content and fulfilled in later life. Tarkett conducted a Study to explore and better understand the impact of Design on the well-being of elderly people.

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