August 12, 2016

DSE Assessement Service

DSE Assessment Service

What is our DSE Assessment Service?

Our DSE Assessment service allows us to provide you with assessments on your workstation. DSE stands for Display Screen Equipment. Your workstation, which have devices such as display screens ( e.g. where Laptops and monitors are located) are assessed. DSE assessments are a legal requirement. Every 2 years you should schedule an assess. If you have a change in work role this is also a requirement.

Why is it so important?

It is widely accepted that the main risks associated with working with display screen equipment (DSE) are musculoskeletal upper limb disorders, this includes back pain, and upper limb disorders, fatigue and also stress. Generally, the risks to individual users are quite low in the short term; however, they can become significant in the long term if best practice is not followed.


The piece of legislation covering display screen equipment is the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, as amended by the Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002. These regulations came into force in 1993 with the intention to implement the European directive on the minimum requirements for work with display screen equipment.

Health Impacts

A poorly set up workstation could have a bad effect on your health. So from an employer’s perspective, in turn it will lead to increased sickness rates, and lower productivity and effectiveness.

An example of this would be your screen is too far away on the desk to view comfortably. This can cause eye strain, migraine, or even back and other muscular and skeletal problems due to slouching forward with elbows on the desk. Using a poorly designed or situated keyboard or mouse could cause RSI.

Our Help

Our team of friendly ergonomic specialists can come to your work place to talk to you and also assess your workstation in relation to the tasks you undertake. We will guide you to solutions to enable you to maintain a comfortable workstation. Most of all we guarantee our DSE Assessment service will aid in increasing your comfort and vitality!

For employers, we guarantee to help you comply with all aspects of DSE legislation, and provide equipment and a DSE Assessment Service that will make your team more engaged, dynamic and effective!

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