October 12, 2016

Soft Seating


 Soft Seating Allows You to Integrate Comfortable Seating and Style in Your Workspace


Being uncomfortable at work is a regular occurrence for most workers. We work with Orangebox and other top manufacturers to help provide the very best soft seating furniture. Also Orangebox provide a wide-range of different designs, take the ‘Cusp’ (top-left pic) for example.

A multi-purpose breakout space has the added benefit of being suitable for use during core office hours too. As in, outside of lunch time, the breakout space is used for working. This could be on individual work by employees who enjoy working in a less formal setting.It could also be useful to groups of employees working on a collaborative task in a more conducive environment rather than gathering around one person’s desk.

Soft Seating by Orangebox

Orangebox is a furniture manufacturing company, who aim to craft and build furniture for the modern work-space. Helping you to adapt to the needs of your work space, Orangebox does this by providing the very best in office furniture. The Bloom design for example, is very ergonomic friendly. It’s designed to help support your back and give the best comfortable experience. But it doesn’t stop there, Orangebox has numerous other designs to help suit your needs.

Take the ‘Dee-02’ design for example (image to left). This smooth soft seated piece of furniture is perfect for up to 2-3 people so that more than one person can converse in a comfortable environment. You can choose from these and plenty more designs from the Orangebox range.

To learn more about what Orangebox have to offer click here

Soft Seating by Connection

We work with several manufacturers and Connection are one of the very best. Connection offer a vast amount of differing designs ranging from the ‘Kala’   design to the ‘Columbus’ design. Connection allow customers to pick from different bases for their soft seating furniture.

Take the Columbus chair for example. You can choose from either the wire base (below left) or the trumpet base (below right) and still gain a comfortable experience. Allowing customers a variety of options is essential. This is so they know that they are 100% satisfied with what they have purchased.

You can view Connection’s variety of Soft Seating furniture here

The 'Columbus' Soft Seating by Connection

 Soft seating by Elite

'Napoli' Single Soft Seating by Elite

Like many other manufacturers, Elite craft quality soft seating products. Elite create comfortable leather-seated furniture that will suite your office lounge or reception perfectly. Both the One-Seater and Two-Seater ‘Napoli’ design have a smooth black leather surface with a stylish chrome frame.  This professional look can help give a great first impression when visitors enter your work space.

To learn more about Elite and what they can offer click here

We pride ourselves on making sure that you have the healthiest and most comfortable experience when you buy from our manufacturers. You should never feel any kind of pain when you position yourself for work, and the soft seating products we offer not only provide comfortable seating, but the best-looking designs.

Soft Seating by TheoMac

The new TheoMac collection – Nobby and mates has been designed and manufactured with an understanding of material technology. It also has a heaped tea spoon of physics, an eye for design, and a big dollop of experience in furniture design and manufacturing. In fact over the years our designers have been recognised with numerous international design awards and accolades.

But it’s not just about designing a good product. It’s about supplying a great product. Which is why we challenge the traditional methods of furniture manufacturing. This can be seen in the way we construct Nobby and his mates.

We have a wide range of ergonomic chairs available also