December 1, 2016

Acoustic Pods

Keep Noise To A Minimum, So Your Work Becomes More Private With Acoustic Pods

The Orangebox Air is one of Orangeboxes premier acoustic airpods

The Orangebox ‘Air’ is one of Orangebox’s premier acoustic airpods


Another of Orangebox’s Air Pods










Acoustic Pods are beautifully crafted so that you can have private spaces available for those all important conversations. Providing free standing space as well as a phone booth and touch down rooms, there’s no wonder why the Air Acoustic Pod range is winning awards for it’s premium design.

The Air acoustic pod is designed as apart of the global pod system solution, enabling itself to work all over the world, perfect for those important business calls abroad. The unique roof solution and smooth glass design is what makes the Air acoustic pod so visually pleasing. These great features also allow for a greater level of insulation, enabling  you security so that nobody can hear you when inside the pod.

The Air pod comes in a range of differing sizes. The Air 20 mini-pod is the newest addiction to the range and is specifically designed to provide high quality private space. The mini-pod also provides a phone booth for singular personal use.

Orangebox Acoustic Pods


The Airea acoustic pod is another product of Orangebox. The Airea pod is one of the best selling acoustic pods having been installed in many countries across the globe. The function of a Airea acoustic pod can range from being a phone booth to a video conference room, also to a general meeting room.

The Airea has 26 different designs all as great as the other. They can also come in much larger sizes, big enough for meeting rooms. The Airea provides free standing space for flexible work. Thus, allowing you to work privately and freely. Working in office space with other people talking over one another can become very irritating. With the Airea acoustic pod they will be able to sound-out those distracting background noises so you will be able to concentrate on your work.




Frem Acoustic Pods


Frem’s line of Acoustic pods helps improve the acoustics within your area with great lightweight pods. Frem’s pods allow you to adapt to the change with the environment around you. Frem also provide numerous pod’s in all different functions, shapes and sizes. Take the ‘Oasis Phone Booth’ (image above) for example.

Frem’s Oasis Phone Booth allows you to keep yourself privately separate from the rest of the office. This singular phone booth can come in various colours and designs. Phone calls and video conferences can become as peaceful and private as you want them to be by using the Ocean phone booth. The Oasis phone booth has no base, so it can stand directly on your work office floor. This helps so that any injuries or health risks can be avoided.

Frem also provide a whole host of different acoustic pod designs. The ‘Meeting’ pods (image below) are just one of many other pod designs from a range of Frem Acoustic pods. The meeting room pod can come in up to three different sizes in a range of different colours. These meeting pods are very ideal for organising large meetings and conferences. Their sizes make for great free movement, allowing you to become more creative and initiative.