August 15, 2016

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Sit-Stand Solutions

Many offices are now equipped with height- adjustable workstations. Consequently the user has the option to sit or stand whilst working. Standing at the desk is becoming more and more popular; encouraging workers to move, and vary their posture throughout the day can reap huge rewards for both the individual and employer. Prolonged periods of sitting have adverse health effects such as back problems, obesity, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and it can even increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. Even small amounts of movement throughout the day can have transformational effects on your vitality and also your sense of wellbeing. You could try the Quickstand Lite

Typically we each spend around 37 hours a week at work.  The workplace environment has a huge impact on productivity and effectiveness. If employees are not comfortable at work they can be easily distracted and irritable. With careful use of colour, plus consideration of acoustics and textures, employees feel more relaxed, less stressed and engaged, and in turn are more loyal, productive and effective.

Companies may be very different from each other, but the way in which they work is universal. Through research, we have identified five universal “ways of working” that people consistently use on a day-to-day basis. For each way-of-working we have created a space that best supports it. These spaces should be present in every office. By recognising what kind of work happens where, we can tailor the configuration, furniture, and mood to support that room’s work.

Sit-Stand Solutions by Humanscale

Float Table

Humanscale Float Table

The Humanscale Float Table is a fantastic standing office desk. This piece of equipment brings effortless operation to traditional sit-stand products.  Ease of use is at the heart of Float. It seamlessly adjusts between sitting and also standing postures without interrupting workflow.It has a minimal aesthetic, as a result the Humanscale Float table works well in either traditional offices or home workspaces.

This desk uses a patented counterbalance mechanism that replaces older technology. In addition the Humanscale Float Table also encourages an active workspace. This is done by allowing the user to move with very little effort. The key to remaining healthy while at work is to alternate between standing and sitting positions. Float makes standing almost effortless and instant. It does this by eliminating awkward cranks and noisy, slow motors, finally the Float removes obstacles that typically discourage the use of height-adjustable desks.

Features of the Humanscale Float Table

  • Firstly it has a unique counterbalance mechanism and weight indicator.
  • Near-effortless height adjustment.
  • Safety measures therefore preventing the possibility of injury associated with incorrect counterbalance.
  • No obstructive crossbeam.
  • Either white, silver or even black finish options.

Please note we can also offer various options of table tops. Please enquire for more details.

Quickstand Lite

Humanscale QuickStand Lite is another sit-stand solution that is able to transform any fixed-height desk into an active one. Its minimalist aesthetic complements any office environment and supports a variety of hardware. The QuickStand Lite has an adjustable keyboard and monitor arm platform so it is able to provide exceptional stability while typing. In addition the QuickStand Lite has an innovative counterbalance mechanism which enables users to transition from sitting to standing positions with ease and encourages more movement therefore creating a truly active future proof work space.

Main features of the Humanscale QuickStand Lite

  • The main assembly holds either one or two monitors up to 11.3kg . It can also be move to and from sit or stand easily.
  • Designed to allow users of varying heights. With 510mm of total height range and 140mm of vertical monitor adjustment.
  • This lightweight Humanscale technology has a minimal footprint and can be attached to any fixed-height desk.
  • It also has effortless functionality and flexibility and allows user to adjust the Humanscale QuickStand Lite as needed. This encourages movement and collaboration.

Sit-Stand Solutions by Conset


This is one of many Conset height adjustable desks. For ease you can adjust with the press of a button. The electric motor moves the desk up and down for you! This sit stand solution is distinguished by a long travel cycle of 67cm and taller maximum height (65-132cm) plus automatic stop safety switch function. Frame peak lifting load is 125kg for the 2-column desk. The 3-column desk can hold upto 90kg. 501-29 is very capable for extra duty and in addition you get a smart contemporary design. There are a range of options available in this model. These electric height adjustable frames come with a 2 year warranty.









Please contact us to find out about our full range of Conset Sit-Stand Solutions available. We can supply the frame and fit your top or we can supply as a full unit contact for more details.

Sit-Stand Solutions by Table Air

Adjust the Height with Your Hand Motion

What do you do when you show someone how high something is? You raise your hand, right? Table Air is the prime example of how to improve ergonomics in your office at your work station. The evolution of the modern office design is changing rapidly and Table Air is helping lead it. The height-adjustable table is the most highly advanced of it’s kind. It’s the most natural way of indicating the height and that’s why we made it possible with our Smart Button. It senses the distance to your hand and lifts TableAir sit-stand solutions to match the height.

tableairTableAir Desking Reminds You When It’s Time to Stand With Its Linking App.

When you’re working you tend to forget to adjust the height. Their iPhone and Android app will notify you when it’s time to sit or stand. It also allows you track your standing progress and control LED lights. This means you know exactly how long you have had your desk in a raised standing position or a sitting position. TableAir have made sure you won’t have to use too many wires. You can plug in all of your devices and charge them at the same time without having too much clutter.

Its power features are

  • USB – 2 USB mobile charging ports (5V – 1A each)
  • Power – 2 AC power ports
  • Power cord – Power Cord: 250 cm.

To find out more about how your working environment can be changed for the better then please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0161 785 8585

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