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We inspire, consult and deliver to your workplace! We can help you improve your work stations ensuring you comply with DSE regulations. We can also improve your workplace as a whole and provide you with a more modern, innovative and employee friendly office!
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Ergocurative is the consultation side of ergomonkey. We provide consultations such as DSE assessments and provide equipment that is tailored to your every need. We can supply a wide range of office furniture and DSE equipment such as: chairs, desking, keyboards, mice and much more.

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Ergospaces is the space management and office fit out side of ergomonkey. Is your office outdated? We can work with you to make your office space a much better working environment. We provide a wide range of office furniture including: soft seating; acoustic pods and much more.

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Ergomonkey guarantee to build a happier, healthier and inspiring place for your people to thrive.

Our organisation is family-owned, independent, and extremely passionate about what we do. Our core values of honesty, enthusiasm, openness and integrity are apparent in everything we do. With over 20 years of experience, we provide professional advice and fantastic products that will give you many years of comfort and pleasure. We work only with manufacturers who share our ethics, and sell only products that meet our strict environmental, sustainability, and integrity standards. Everyone has the right to good design, and we guarantee to find you the right product at a fair price. We help organisations adapt to the changing needs of people at work. We create environments that facilitate collaborative working and the sharing of information. We help your team work smarter! Ergomonkey bring order, integrity and beautiful objects to the workplace. Your greatest assets are your people, technology and property and by linking these elements together we help you get the most from each! Whoever you are, and whatever your business, we’d like to think there’s a way we can work better together.

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